Thursday, April 10, 2008

Conferences: Road so far!

Feb, 2005 was an important month and the reason for recruiting about 7 of us from our campus early enough to work on the annual strategy summit. Full of excitment and with twinkle in eye, we all set out for the wonderful Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad, the venue for the conference. We were supposed to live there for the next three days. All of us were divided in various teams, the speakers management, content management, network and system, services (general services, in our organization they are known as corporate services), sessions management, team management and last but not the least was entertainment. I was with the content management and entertainment teams and it was fun. Lot of organizing, team work, time management, content and speakers are some of the necessary ingredients to ensure successful conference is what I learnt. Obviously the conference was fantastic with big shots like Arun Shourie, Deepak Chaudhary, Krishna Palepu, Robin Sharma as some of the key speakers. Shankar Mahadevan and Boman Irani were the people to entertain. Ultimate hit!!! I have come a long way as immediately in September, 2005 I became a key part of the annual alliance conference. Later I was a part of the strategy summit for two continuous years and was also a key member in the second alliance conference.

After working for so many conferences and sleepless nights, obviously, right now I am proud to work with the non profit organization TiE in conducting the largest conference for Entrepreneurship TiEcon which is conducted in the silicon valley in this May. I am truly excited and it is fun to leverage the experience of working for conferences.

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