Friday, April 11, 2008

Olympics Torch

There are many questions on Olympics torch on Yahoo Answers, people are inquisitive. What is the protest all about? People are blocking the torch relay in most of the cities against something. That something is anger over China’s human rights record, its grip on Tibet and support for Sudan despite years of bloodshed in Darfur. There was distress in Paris and people here in San Fransisco also protested for 'Free Tibet'. How fair is it to protest against something political in a event related to sports? Although China is the common point.

Most of the answers that I gave on Yahoo Answers were regarding the possibility of Australia winning the gold in swimming to trigger discussion on Olympics rather than talking about something political. Its time to move on from the protests and focus on the games.

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Gaurav Wadekar said...

I had an interesting discussion today and after some research found out that it is not the people are mixing up politics and games but as everyone hates China for how it forced Tibet to be included in its territory, as someone rightly said that it is not about politics and games but it is about humanity and games. Whatever is happening is happening for good and this is the wright time for Tibetians and the world supporting them to stand up against China....